Expert Sensor Box 7214 (PoE)

The LAN sensors of Expert Sensor Box 7214 Series (with PoE) have different sensors integrated and allow a quick and easy environment monitoring for configuration and operation via network. There are three sensor versions available that monitor the following parameters:        

Moreover this series is also available as Expert Sensor Box 7214 Series without PoE (Power-over-Ethernet).

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Expert Sensor Box 7214-11

Product no.: 00721411

Available from 01.03.2022

279.00 *

Expert Sensor Box 7214-12

Product no.: 00721412

Available from 01.03.2022

299.00 *

Expert Sensor Box 7214-13

Product no.: 00721413

Available from 01.03.2022

339.00 *
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