Calibrated Sensors

For applications requiring exact temperature ranges, GUDE offers calibrated sensors: The temperature, humidity, and air pressure sensors 7104-2, 7105-2, and 7106-2 dispose of temperature ranges that have been certified by a ISO9001 calibration laboratory. They are simply connected to a free RJ45 connector on the device and automatically detected. Further settings are not required.

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Temperature Sensor 7104-2

Product no.: 00071042

98.00 *
Time of delivery: about 2 weeks

Temperature/Humidity Sensor 7105-2

Product no.: 00071052

149.00 *
Time of delivery: about 2 weeks

Temperature/Humidity/Air Pressure Sensor 7106-2

Product no.: 00071062

185.00 *
Time of delivery: about 2 weeks
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